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Since this is probably the most important purchase in your life should you not know WHO is doing your inspection?  Many large inspection firms boost of their many certificates and licenses that are more than likely held by the principle of the company but is HE or SHE doing your inspection or just a employee who is in training ? At Accredited Building Consultants Inc. only Fred Sylvester will be doing your inspection. Nothing takes the place of experience and continued education and Fred certainly has the experience with 45 years in the construction business and 24 years of doing inspections.  Fred is also the only inspector in Southwest Florida that is a Building Science Envelope Institute (Click here BESI) Certified Level 2 Inspector. Nothing takes the place of experience, not licensing, degrees or fluffed up certificates. Yes, I said fluffed up certificates. Look very close at printed up logos and certificates, most are bogus at best and or better yet inspectors purchase them. Many "Certified Master Inspector" logos are bought with no proof of experience from inspection assocations. There are no tricks here, its plain and simple, time in the field and report writing are what makes an inspector, Fred qualifies and we prove it, see below. 

Solely Owned & Operated Home Inspection Company Since 1993 and we will prove it !

Accredited Building Consultants, Inc. has been owned and operated by Fred Sylvester since 1993 performing thousands of home and commercial inspections. You will find that many inspection companies claiming to have been in business for years are really companies that have been bought by a new inspector but take the credit for being in business for all those years. Here at Accredited Building Consultants, Inc., Mr.Sylvester has owned and operated the company from day one. The proof is in the public records, Click here: Florida Division of Corporations to see how long this company has been owned and operated by Mr.Sylvester. Check with the  Lee County, Florida Tax Office for how long a company has had a Local Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License). Click here: Lee County Tax Assessor. to see that since 2001 we prove that we have been in business in Lee County with a home inspection Occupational Licenses for this company. NOTE: Records only go back to 2001 but we have been in business since 1993. We ask you to do the research to find the real truth and or simply see the proof below.

Sunbiz.jpg  Lee County Occup 2018

Certificates and Licenses

We all know that licenses and certificates come fairly easily anymore. Seems anyone can go to a class or submit an application and get just about anything they want published. Remember when you could get a home inspectors license certificate off a television commercial with Sally Struthers. Well I have a few certificates to show you as well. So for what they are worth here they are.  Just remember, its experience and dedication in a field or trade that really counts.

Current Home Inspectors License HI-278

Current Building Contractors License

16 17 Bus Tx 400x168

Current Occupational License

1983 Building Contractors Certificate of Competence

1993 SBCCI Building Inspectors Certificate of Registration

 CES Wind Mitigation Certification

BESI  ~   Building Envelope Certified Level 2 Inspector  
You will not find another inspector in Southwest Florida with this certification  

NACHI Wind Mitigation Certification

ACICP Building Contaminant Assessor Certificate


ACICP Building Contaminate Technician Certificate

Current Florida Independent Insurance Adjusters License 0520


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