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Inspection Services

Services and Service Providers

By Definition and under the State of Florida Standards of Practice (SOP) an inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of a structure for a fee, which is designed to identify observed material defects within specific components of said structure. By observing these Standards of Practice the inspector will not disassemble any component of that structure. At times, clients may request a further evaluation of a particular component that requires a specific expertise and or license to render an evaluation. At your request, those types of evaluations can be performed by our Listed Service Providers for an additional fee.

After many years in the business of inspecting and construction we have come to know and surrounded ourselves with reputable service providers in the area. Service providers are contractors that specialize in their trade and/or field and carry Insurance and Florida licenses in that field or work. At times, clients ask to do a more in depth, exhaustive inspection on a particular area of a building, for example; having a camera sent down a main sewer line to check for conditions and or blockage.  In order to make the inspection process seamless we offer these services and can make the scheduling of all of these special inspections as effortless as possible with a, “one call does it all” approach. Just pick up the phone and call 239-936-7579 and tell us what services you are interested in and we will inform you of what the costs are associated with that service. We will then schedule the service providers to arrive at the same time. This saves time for all involved and is less evasive on the current owner of the property. If you don’t know whether you need these types of additional services just give us a call at 239-936-7579 and discuss your concerns and ask us further questions.

Our Services and Trusted Service Providers

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Septic & Drain Field Inspections, Lift Station Inspections

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Thermal Imaging Service---FREE with every scheduled home inspection 

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Extensive HVAC Diagnostics


Coles Air Diagnostics and Accredited Building Consultants Inc. have teamed up to become one of Southwest Florida’s leaders in full evaluations of building envelope and air conditioning systems and their effect on the indoor environment. The team can also do evaluations or energy audits on residential and light commercial properties as well as Blower Door testing, Duct Blasting, Test & Balance, Data Logging and many other HVAC diagnostic services. 


Extensive Electrical Diagnostics


If its a full scale electrical analysis you need Security Electric, Inc.  offers Accredited Building Consultants Inc. and it's clients a full line services at discounted prices. Residential does not typically need any further evaluation other than the typical inspection by a trained home inspector, However, in a Commercial application a client may wish to have further due diligence done on the electrical systems. Call 239-936-7579 for a consultation and price for the services that you may be in need of.


Extensive Plumbing Diagnostics


 Cape Coral Plumbing Inc. offers Accredited Building Consultants Inc. and it's clients a full line of plumbing services at discounted prices. Specialty plumbing inspections such as but not limited to, a sewer drain line viewer (camera) or any other disassembly of plumbing  systems should be performed by a licensed plumbing contractor. Specialty well equipment and potable water filtering and softening equipment sometime need further evaluation that is beyond a typical home inspection, that's when you would require a licensed plumbing contractor to further evaluate the system. This is just an example of what this kind of service provider can provide, you the client. Call 239-936-7579 for a consultation and price for the services that you may be in need of.


Radon & Mold Testing 

                                                                           Radon Mold

Radon & Mold Professionals offers Accredited Building Consultants and it's clients Radon and Mold testing services. Their American Council For Accredited Certfied  inspectors perform services such as but not limited to: Indoor Air Quality evaluations, Air, Visual and Attic Mold Inspections as well as Radon Gas testing services at discounted prices to all of our clients. Call 239-936-7579 for a consultation and price for the services that you may be in need of.

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