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Commercial Building Inspections

Charlotte County AirportAccredited Building Consultants, Inc.has served the commercial real estate owner, investor, and broker community throughout the Southwest Florida area for over 20 years. ABC uses the Commercial Properties Standards of Practice (SOP) establish by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. ABC can provide you, the client, a report on the conditions of the subject property in a line by line format style written report complete with photographs, see our sample report page by CLICKING HERE.

Whether you are an investor purchasing an existing building, a tenant considering the lease of a building, a building owner seeking to learn more about your existing property either before listing it for sale or undertaking renovations, Accredited Building Consultants, can provide the services you need rapidly and effectively at a very competitive rate.

Pre-Purchase, Due Diligence

Heavy IndustrialThe purchase of property can always be a demanding experience, one filled with ambiguity and further enhanced by judicious time constraints. A commercial building inspection can help eliminate many of the unknown variables providing important information to the buyer, minimizing the unidentified, but offering a clear, concise picture of the total cost of ownership.

Pre-Lease Due Diligence/Post-Release Verification

Inspection of the property prior to entering the lease agreement can benefit both owner and tenant by documenting and communicating the physical property conditions present at the beginning of the lease. Later, inspection of the property at the expiration of the lease can help to verify the tenant has properly maintained the facility in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement.

Pre-Inspection Walk-Through

IndustrialUpon a signed proposal in order to serve you the client better we prefer to perform a walk-through survey prior to the formal inspection, when possible. This allows us to visually observe the subject property, gather information and note items of interest. It would be the client’s responsibility to arrange for the inspector to receive timely access to the subject property for the walk-through survey portion of the inspection, and access to all documents and interviewees needed for the research portion of the inspection. This would provide the inspector insight into previous defects and deficiencies and maintenance records. It is expected that the inspector will perform only one walk through survey per inspection report.

Commercial Inspection Process

Pre-SchoolsABC's Commercial Building Inspections are conducted using the Standards of Practice (SOP) establish by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).  The inspector is a Florida Licensed Div 1 contractor that has actually built commercial buildings and is familiar with all kinds of commercial builiding construction practices. The objective of an inspection is to provide a written report describing the issues discovered from observations made in his research of that property and that, in the inspector's opinion, are likely to be of interest to his or her client. The other objective is to improve decision making for buying, selling, maintaining or improving the property. The inspections shall be performed by a State of Florida Licensed Building Contractor and Licensed Building Inspector.

Varying Levels of Due Diligence

Banks & Office spaceThe Standards of Practice are designed as a baseline from which the inspector and client can develop and agree to a Scope of Work that may deviate from the standards, depending on the budget, time constraints, purpose of the inspection, age of the subject property, and risk tolerance of the client.The level of due diligence should be set where the cost, and time and money, of acquiring information about the subject property will not likely exceed the value of that information. Therefore, an inspection performed in accordance with this standard will not be technically exhaustive.




Subjectivity/Warranty/Guarantee or Insurance Policy

Professional OfficesThe client should understand that the inspection report is, to a large degree, the subjective opinions of the inspector, based on his or her observations and research within the limits of access, time, budget, and without the aid of special equipment. It is also without the dismantling, probing, testing or troubleshooting, and without detailed knowledge of the commercial property, its components, or its systems. The inspection report is a subjective professional opinion and is not a warranty. The inspector is not practicing architecture or engineering services. 




Ancillary Inspections/Specialized Services

RetailThe vast majority of our work is conducted in house. At times certain circumstances and requestes by the client may necessitate the need to facilitate a coordinated "team approach". Accredited Building Consultants is able to gather a team of professionals to meet the specific needs of each client, including but not limited to those with the following areas of expertise:

    • Structural engineers.
    • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Specialists and or Indoor Air Quality Specialist).
    • Electricians.
    • Fire Protection and Fire Alarms Specialists.
    • Elevator Technician.
    • Roof Covering Specialist.
    • PestControl Specialist.
    • Thermal Imaging.
    • Energy Consultants.
    • Radon and Mold Specialist.
    • Medical and AHCA (Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration)specialist.

Commercial Inspection Fee Structure

Light IndustrialOur fees are based on a number of factors and are exclusive for each project. Factors used to determine the fee include but are not limited to: 

  • Size, type and age of building to be inspected
  • The scope of work defined by the client
  • Client selection of ancillary services.

Commercial Sample Reports

A sample report can be seen by visiting Sample Reports Page by clicking (here)

All of the building photographs on this web site were inspected by Accredited Building Consultants, Inc.




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