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Swimming Pools & Spas Inspection

Pools and spas are very popular in many Southwest Florida homes. If you are purchasing a home with a swimming pool and/or spa we highly recommend that you have this valuable asset inspected by Accredited Building Consultants, Inc.

We perform pool and spa inspections in accordance with the guidelines listed below. We shall provide findings in a written report; we will identify components that in the professional judgment of the inspector are not functioning properly, significantly deficient, unsafe, or near the end of their service lives. We will provide the reasoning or explanation as to the nature of these deficiencies reported that are not self evident. We will recommend correction, further evaluation, or monitoring of components identified in the report as deficient. We will identify components that are present during the inspection, but were not inspected and the reasons why they were not inspected.

Here is what we inspect

1. Visible parts of interior finish materials.

2. The visible parts of decks, steps inside the swimming pool/spa shell and coping.

3. The visible part of pumps, motors, blowers, skimmer, filters, drains, heaters, automatic safety controls, gauges, visible piping and valves, and conduit.

4. Any cross connections in the water supply system.

5. External bonding of the pump motors, blowers, heaters and other components that are required to be bonded.

6. Operation of readily assessable lights, (GFCI's)ground fault circuit interrupters, electrical components, and timer assemblies that are related to the pool or spa.

7. The visible part of permanently installed handrails and ladders.

8. The presence of safety barriers and/or alarms.

9. The presence of entrapment prevention components.

10. Vegetation, grading, surface drainage, and retaining walls that are likely to adversely affect the swimming pool or spa.

11. The visible parts of the screen enclosure (if any), pool fencing, gates and doorways as well as gutters and downspouts that may be connected to the screen enclosure.


Here is what we will describe:

1. Type of swimming pool/spa.

2. Interior finish materials.

3. Type of filter.

4. Type of safety barrier.

5. Type of cleaning system (if present).

6. Energy source for heater (if present).

Here is what we do not perform:

1. Test, operate, or evaluate components when weather conditions or other circumstances may cause equipment damage.

2. Test, operate, or evaluate automatic safety controls and manual or automatic valves.

3. Touch swimming pool/spa water to examine the structure, components, and features, including their composition and quality.

4. Test, operate, or evaluate electrical resistant heaters.

5. Determine structural integrity and or determine if there is any underground leaking. 

6. Inspect any equipment or component that is shut down or that is not responding to normal operating controls, including conditions caused by the absence of a required energy source, such as electricity or gas.

7. Inspect, test, operate, or evaluate: low voltage, or electronic controls, water chemistry or clarity, out of level conditions, presence or absence of bacteria/algae, backwash functions, aerators, automatic cleaning systems, automatic water fill systems, water treatment systems, chemical dispensers, thermostats, heating elements, heat exchangers, solar and other alternative energy heating systems, water features, covers and related components, accessories, leaks in the shell, underground components, temporary safety barriers and alarms, stray voltage, and the interior of filters, including filter cartridges.

8. Inspect, test, operate, or evaluate diving and jump boards, slides, play equipment and similar components; and the suitability of the pool for the use of such components, and for activities such as diving.


9. Determine the adequacy of: system or component design, structural components, equipment and component compatibility, flow rates, high or low pressure conditions, filters, heaters, safety barriers and alarms, and entrapment prevention components.

10. Determine the presence or absence of any environmental hazards, including, but not limited to, toxins, allergens, carcinogens, electromagnetic radiation, noise, radioactive substances, and contaminants in soil, water and air.

11. Determine; operating cost of components, acoustical properties of any component, soil conditions relating to geotechnical or hydraulic specialties, the safety of using the swimming pool/spa, or any component, the risk or benefit of adding new components and or modifying existing components, whether the swimming pools or any component is free from leakage of any kind, whether any interim, material, condition or component is subject to recall, controversy, litigation, products liability and other adverse claim or conditions.

12. Perform architectural, engineering, repairs or perform any trade or any professional services other than as required in this inspection.

13. Offer or provide warranties or guarantees of any kind.

14. Perform any procedure or operation, or enter any area that may, in the opinion of the inspector, to be dangerous to the inspector or to other persons, or that may cause damage to the property or to components.

15. Move, personal property, equipment, plants or debris.

16. Inspect component interiors that are not readily accessible or dismantle any component.

What does a Pool/Spa Inspection Cost

One price does not fit all but in general a standard Pool/Spa Inspection cost $60 to $90 with a standard home inspection and depending on the pools additional features. However, we ask that you call our office to get a firm quote. For stand alone pool inspections please call the office for a price.

Here are some very important web sites:

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