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Septic System Inspection

Ft. Myers Septic Inspector

Septic Inspection Explained

Septic systems inspections should be written on a full 5 page NAWT ( National Assocation of Wastewater Technicians) comprehensive report which a sample report can be viewed here. The inspection includes a complete pump out of the tank and effluent filter cleaning by a State of Florida licensed waste water treatment contractor. All of these points of inspection are critical, as they will be able to give the client a detailed report about the functioning of  the septic system.  When hiring a inspection company be sure that your inspection and report is the written on this 5 page comprehensive report from, any other type of inspection will be incomplete. 

We recommend the Full 5 page NAWT Inspection for Septic Systems. You have no idea what the previous owner(s) may have put down the drains compromising the health of the waste water treatment system, was there a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink or did the previous owner tenant have 15 people living in the house, were there cars parked on the drain field,  etc.  According to industry experts, systems should be inspected and tanks pumped every three to five years. If the current owner of a property does not have record(s)of those services we highly recommend the pump out and inspection be performed. The State of Florida has considered in the past, implementing a plan, that would require every-five year’s an inspection of the state's 2.6 million residential septic tanks. A septic tank and or drain field replacement and or repair can cost thousands of dollars, don't get stuck with a major problem. For more information visit this web site:


  • For pricing and availability please call  Crews Environmental @ 239-332-1986 for a Full Septic Tank Inspection, pump out ,effluent filter cleaning and a full inspection of the drain field.

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