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Thermal Imaging Service

thermal imaging inspection - Ft. Myers FL - home inspector

Thermal Imaging Service

What is an Infrared Camera?

An infrared camera measures the thermal signature of an area as small as an electrical outlet to as large as an entire building. The data from the camera is converted into a visual image that colorizes the heat, making it quick and easy to identify the thermal variance. Finding hidden problems is made by the resulting thermographs that reveal a range of heat signatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Thermal cameras don't measure temperature. They measure the radiant thermal energy from which a temperature is derived based on the amount of energy detected. Thermal imaging cameras don't see through objects-they can't look behind walls, doors, or covers they only see the first 1/10000 of an inch of the energy radiating off a surface.

Providing a free service for over eight years

For the past eight years Accredited Building Consultants  has provided customers with thermal imaging  service at no additional charge for every regularly scheduled home inspection. Our first camera cost over $30,000 and was one of the first inspection companies in Southwest Florida to have one.  Equipment now is much more moderately priced. Why, you ask, because we are industry leaders and for over 20 years have been committed to our profession and more importantly to our customers who fully deserve the right to know what they may be investing in.  These thermal scans can save a building owner thousands of dollars. Believe it or not there are many companies out there today that don’t have a thermal imaging camera or have one that is inexpensive and or the operator is not trained in its proper use leading to misdiagnosis and or even worse missing a major building defect such as a water intrusion issue or potential fire hazard in an electrical panel.  

Inspectors and equipment are not all equal

Thermal imaging technology along with an inspector that understands and has the expertise in thermography has camera specific training, has building-related expertise, understands basic building science principles and has the knowledge of construction details, materials and other historic or visual clues can be crucial in finding defects in a structure. The inspector must also use other non-destructive equipment such as moisture meters to increase the reliability results. Here at Accredited Building Consultants we have all of that knowledge, expertise and equipment to serve you. This free service can reveal many hidden issues in a structure.  Some of the benefits of Infrared thermography allow the inspector to detect some of these conditions that at times cannot be seen with the naked eye:

     • Hidden roof leaks---see photos below
     • plumbing leaks both on the supply and/or waste side 
     • obstructions in plumbing waste lines
     • condensation leaks from air conditioners
     • missing, damaged insulation and or cooling and heating loss---see photos below 
     • dew point problems in building cavities
     • all types of water intrusion issues that can lead to potential mold growth
     • electrical defect such as overloaded and/or undersized circuits---see photos below
     • broken seals in double pane windows
     • missing framing members

 Thermal Imaging Inspection - Lee County       Thermal Image Inspection - Collier County FL

Possible roof leak shown in ceiling tile                  Dark Blue color is confirmed active roof leak

Thermal Image Inspection - Broward County FL        Thermal Image Inspection - Charlotte County FL 

        Red color on the right side photo shows insulation that is missing in wall cavity

Thermal Imaging Inspection - SW Florida

Red/orange and white colors show heat gain from missing insulation, same house as above.

Thermal Imaging Inspection - Ft. Myers        Thermal Imaging Inspection - Fort Myers FL

175 degree F Electrical service feeder line shown in distribution panel---FIRE HAZARD uncovered

Thermal Imaging Scan - Real Estate Inspection

Close up of melted fedder line and lug housing---FIRE HAZARD uncovered

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Make a comparison

If you are shopping for a home inspector and he does not have a thermal imaging camera and or the expertise and other equipment to make a proper diagnosis of these types of potential defects then you might not be getting exactly what you are paying for and the inspector may just be looking around!

Standalone Thermal Imaging Service

We also serve the Southwest Florida area with standalone thermal imaging service. We can help you identify any moisture related problems, energy loss , electrical  malfunctions that radiate heat, roof leaks, wall leaks, window and door leaks and any other problems that can be detected using thermal imaging.  Simply call the office at 239-936-7579 to set your appointment and a price for your inspection needs.

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