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Water Intrusion


Man has always sought protection from the elements. Factually, water damages or completely destroys more buildings and structures than war or natural disasters and causes health-related issues for occupants with the formation of mold. By adequately controlling water intrusion issues from groundwater, rainwater and surface water we can avoid damage and unnecessary repairs to building envelopes.

Why Do Buildings Leak

First and foremost water must be present. Second, there needs to be a breach or opening in the structure. Finally, there must be a forces to move the water into the interior of the structure. Water can be moved to the interior of a structure through; Gravity, Surface Tension, Wind or Air Currents, Capillary Action , Pressure Differentials or Hydrostatic pressure. There are other reasons too numerous to mention here. A great book to read about this subject matter is Authored by Michael T. Kubal and can be found on Amazon at THIS WEB SITE

What Does This Matter in Regards to a Home or Commercial Building Inspection 

BESI CERTIFIED 269x190 45kbBEC 2 Silver 283x350 22.6 kbFred Sylvester, your inspector is the only inspector in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties that is BEC-2 certified by Building Envelope Science Institute. Fred has far more training than average home or commercial building inspector. With the aforementioned fact that water intrusion destroys more buildings and structures than war or natural disasters wouldn't it be practical for a buyer to hire a trained and certified inspector familiar with water intrusion issues to protect them. Along with our training we use Thermal Imaging Cameras and GE Surverymaster Protimeter moisture meters to help us detect moisture related issues during our normal inspection procedures. 



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